Studio Stagetti: Marble Sculpture Workshop in Pietrasanta

Studio Stagetti collaborates with international contemporary artists by developing projects that consolidate the relationships between artist and craftsman and obtaining the best result, thanks also to the great experience in marble processing. At the moment, more than 50 artists from all over the world work with Studio Stagetti.

The works created range from monumental sculptures, design objects, architectural and furniture accessories and everything that is possible to create with marble.

New robotics and 3D design technologies are used in the laboratory to facilitate the process and the accuracy of the work itself. Each work is initially faced with a roughing by CNC machine and manually finished in detail, fully respecting the wishes of those who made the project.

In summary, Studio Stagetti offers experience, heart and passion to all those who wish to express themselves in art.

The Sculpture Workshop

The activity of Studio Stagetti began when Ivo Stagetti, the forefather of the Stagetti family, together with other collaborators decided to open in 1959 a company initially called “Stagetti & Ciambelli”.

Here, according to local tradition, the craftsmanship of marble was carried out, closely linked to sculpture activities and manual decoration of the stones.

Since then, the company’s production line has not changed: the principles and methods of tradition are faithfully observed, however integrating them with cutting-edge technologies only where they actually bring real improvements. The result is an unaltered quality of the work but a greater productivity, able to brilliantly satisfy the demand of the global market.

In 1994, his successor Nicola Stagetti took over his father’s company and started what is now called “Stagetti, Marble Studio”, a sculpture workshop of international level. After the hiring of his brother Antonio, his son Sebastiano and many other specialized collaborators, today the firm is able to guarantee professionalism and safety in the future.

Over time, the company has grown and its goals have changed. The projects, which previously flowed through intermediary agents, now come from all over the world directly from end customers; this has led to a development of relationships with customers which have become closer and have made it possible to expand knowledge. Today, our customers rely on us from the design stage up to installation and maintenance in the places of destination.

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